Revamped Blog Posts in 2019

Since the company’s founding over three years ago, a lot has changed and revising the materials presented on this web site has become long overdue.

This is therefore the first step in the revamp of this site, which is beginning today.

The company’s business is to provide help to others who need it. Work which is directly contracted and specific to our Clients will continue to be paid work, and certainly the company will look for such work wherever possible.

On this site however the company will seek to provide general use information for free, focusing mostly on the modern tools of business – spreadsheets, word-processing, presentations and video presentations. While they have been around for decades, and are easy to use, more often than not the capabilities built into even the simplest of software goes largely untapped and quite often is just unknown to the average user.

Hopefully revealing these tricks will prove helpful to small businesses and individuals who want to improve their skills. Maybe the company will add to its own repertoire along the way.

A series of White Papers, Single tip Blog Posts, and Video Demonstrations are being planned which will over time build a library of information useful to modern businesses working globally.

Readers are always welcomed and encouraged to provide feedback, ask questions and generally engage with the company and its content.

I look forward to hearing from you in the days, weeks and months ahead!

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