The Nelles Corporation Limited divides its work into ‘Projects’ as a way of organising and structuring its activities.

Information about its Projects are published here to either provide useful knowledge beneficial to its clients and the general public, illustrate The Nelles Corporation’s capabilities, or in some instances to investigate and report on opportunities and risks (and resolutions) the digital economy faces, The Nelles Corporation Limited being a participant. Projects can range in size from short works, to on-going research, to works which when progressed far enough can be spun off into new corporations. 

One project soon to be undertaken for the client’s and public’s benefit is the forthcoming project which will delve into getting the most out of common software, which have many abilities either almost unknown or greatly underutilised. That project will serve as an internal knowledge base as the company expands.

Another project, already under way, investigates Oriental and Residential Vacation Property, and has since it’s inception evolved into an examination of the Philippine property market. This is expected to result in a book later this year which will showcase the editing and copy-editing capabilities of the company. It is also resulting in advanced knowledge of the real estate market in the Philippines.

This page under ‘Projects’ tab will link to the various project descriptions once posted, and key findings and blog posts pertaining to that project. From mid-winter 2019 the Blog tab will feature day-to-day activities on all the projects. This will enable progress to be shown, while recognising that progress will be uneven. Only the Blog page wil be open to comments, while the presented information in the Projects’ areas will soley be presented as works of the company. Feedback and questions through the ‘Contact Us’ page on information in the Projects’ area is welcomed.

It is hoped that the projects will be of use to those who come here to read about them.

The Nelles Corporation Limited’s is now first engaged with proof reading and copy editing and serving its Clients needs. The various projects are ultimately there to demonstrate the company’s abilities and provide wider use of the information needed to operate a digital economy business than just its application to its own business.