Applying Technological Advancements, Innovative Solutions and Global Reach for each Client.

An outsource champion for small businesses.

Getting small things done and out of the way.

Our Vision

  1. Provide Results, On Time, On Budget
  2. Take inputs and return them with Value added. 
  3. Work Globally, while Client Focused

Our Projects

  • Training in Excel use and WordPress use
  • Outsourcing of Reporting, Analysis and Irregular Work
  • Technical Writing
  • Innovation / Studies and Adoption of New Technologies
  • Asian Residential Real Estate


Very little fits into a one-size fits all slot. There’s always one-off issues which arise, often many different ones cropping up in any given month or quarter. And there is always necessary but non-core matters needing to be dealt with. As one of the founder’s professors remarked decades ago, they spend half their time ordering lab equipment and writing grant proposals and doing paperwork. Then they still have to find time to teach and conduct the experiments expected of them as well. To the founder, and the professor, this was an obvious waste of highly specialised education and skill on near trivial work, even if essential. The germ of an idea was built from that conversation, in that society would clearly benefit if the skilled person could focus on applying their training and expertise and leave administrative matters to others, who themselves are skilled and efficient in such things. 

Fast forward a few decades, to when a once nascent Internet became truly omni-present, and on-site presence became less essential as communication technologies advanced at rapid rates, office space continued to become more and more expensive and outsourcing had become acceptable. Along with that, more and more tasks became out-source-able: Technical Writing (Monthly Reports, Grants, Tenders, user manuals), Audits of source materials for claims or work analysis, Postings to blogs, Market research, Training on software usage (Excel, Word, and WordPress), and so on. While all were enabling, none were in and of themselves a total answer. Temps, whether in house or on the other side of the world, still needed an introduction to the company and by definition wouldn’t likely be around a year later when a second job came up, leading to another round of training and just more work. But the extra tasks were still not enough to require a full time position. 

That is where the Nelles Corporation Limited was built to come in. It is the Temp that’s on permanent stand-by, the familiar face that’s there when needed but tucked away when not. Skilled in modern software, familiar with each Client’s needs, and not overextended. Only work done is paid for, the small retainer fee used to ensure availability always going to the first hours worked. The company only works with Clients in a few industries where it already has knowledge and expertise: Architecture and Construction; Aerospace; Agriculture and Food; and, Real Estate (International). 

For the last five years, The Nelles Corporation Limited has consistently delivered on-time to its Client extensive Monthly Reports, conducted market research, contributed to tendering, and readied an assortment of materials. The corporation has also conducted its own market research in real estate in SE Asia, focusing on Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

Core Values

“Exploring our world, technological advancements of our era and finding innovative solutions”

Two elements go into every successful organisation: People, and, Knowledge with Innovation. The Nelles Corporation makes sure both are addressed for its continued success and the success of our Clients.

People are what make an organisation. Good communications are essential to ensure timely deployment, strong collaboration with the Client’s team including listening, and industry and others as necessary.  People who work well individually and within a team structure. People who work to the best of their abilities and achieve the highest standards of professionalism.  People who are accurate, and thorough, have a strong level of commitment and dedication. Solutions worked out are simple and clear. Good people are perceptive of the Clients needs, skilled to be able to deliver the services needed and ensure successful outcomes.

Knowledge means continuous learning to maintain skills. It means following both industry and tertiary developments to keep abreast of the latest methods and techniques. It also requires innovation; creating and trying new solutions where needed, applying the maintained skills and newly available methods. It also involves eyeing solutions which are sustainable by the Client, financially and in the overall environment, all the time. 

Knowledge discovered, combined with Innovation, and applied with perseverance leads to successful outcomes.


The Founder brought extensive leadership experience to the company acquired prior to its creation nearly five years ago, including Project Management of a satellite development project in the USA, formerly a board member of a national student organisation, departmental management of IT for a graduate school, and years supporting senior-most management in world renowned organisations.

Combined with decades of experience in geo-arbitrage, travel knowledge, day-to-day consumer retail knowledge, plus a science education and work with a world renowned architecture practice; add in an early knowledge of the need for robust support, and the leadership of the Nelles Corporation Limited is ready to provide Clients with information solutions that meet current and future needs, budgets and deadlines.


The Nelles Corporation, given its experiences and expertise, has focused on delivering its services in the following industries:

  • Architecture & Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture and Food
  • International Real Estate

Compliance & Ethics

The Nelles Corporation Limited operates in full compliance of the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and in full compliance of the laws of the states in which our Clients reside, as well as regulations and industry standards applicable. 

World-wide ethical standards are also stringently adhered to.

Engaging Us

All our services are at competitive, reasonable and affordable prices.

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