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Update: Oriental Residential and Vacation Property Project Developments

Dear All,

The past two weeks have been very busy ones for the Oriental Residential and Vacations Property Project, a key project of The Nelles Corporation Limited. Much groundwork has been done to prepare a firm foundation for the future success of the project.

In the Orient some of the world’s best living conditions can be found, with high quality of living at low costs and our mission is to make property purchases and investments in the Orient easy to understand and much easier to undertake. I am happy to say the programme we published two weeks ago is being generally adhered to. It is republished here to show progress that has been made.

The next few weeks will see continued quiet work on the foundation continue, followed by a hectic October and November as the project begins to expand and looks forward to its mid-December public unveiling. Any comments you may have before then, or queries, are always most welcome.

Thank you for your interest.

Yours sincerely,

Drew Nelles
Managing Director, The Nelles Corporation Limited
Project Director, Oriental Residential and Vacation Property Project