The Nelles Corporation Limited’s provides information services for small and medium sized businesses, taking data from the beginning to the end of the information chain. Starting with research, whether it be for marketing purposes or for technical matters, the company will take the data gathered and organise it for easy retrieval. Then we will prepare that information for presentation, suitable for in-house use by senior management to enable a well considered decision or for Clients of our Client to persuade and inform them.

The company’s founder has 25 years of executive experience, starting as a board member of a national student organisation in the US, then as Administrator (Chief Executive Officer) of a microsat class satellite construction project launched in 1998, and more recently providing services to a senior Director in a world renowned British architecture practice in a relationship that has lasted over a decade.

Founded and registered in Hong Kong, The Nelles Corporation Limited is strategically located to take advantage of fantastic services and opportunities available in Southeast Asia, but serves the whole world. We provide western practices and know-how to Southeast Asia and while-you-sleep Asian drive to your solutions for Europe, Oceania and The Americas.

Please view the rest of our site to see what we do. If you think we can help you, please get in touch. We would be delighted to offer any assistance to your company we can.

We can be contacted through email at info@ and our web site domain.


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