Dear Reader,

You have reached the home page of The Nelles Corporation Limited, founded in November 2015 by a Canadian living in the Orient.

Saving you time and effort is why the company is here. We help very small, small, and medium sized businesses with their search for information and with the application of that information through the creation of reports or documents or news articles which powerfully presents it so as to make the information go to work for you. Our Clients have a broad range of needs and we are here to help our Clients whatever those needs are. The Nelles Corporation Limited covers the whole spectrum related to research and writing so that you can focus on your other business activities.

The corporation offers a range of services. To name just a few, we:

  • draft annual reports;
  • ghost write magazine or newpaper articles or blog posts;
  • ghost write books;
  • assist with writing business plans;
  • draft grant proposals or tender proposals, or responses to EOI’s;
  • provide copywriting for product user manuals; and
  • create White Papers on many subjects.

Additionally we have solid in-house IT skills on Apple® Macintosh® computers. We can properly store your data in spreadsheets or databases as you desire and as the data volume requires. We also have the expetise to knowledgably review and advise you on your existing IT systems and suggest improvements.

We have specialty knowledge in a number of fields including: science, construction, general business, online business, engineering, and travel. 

But don’t take our word on what we can produce. Instead please look at our portfolio on this web site where in the coming months we will post work on two projects: Information about Residential and Vacation Properties in the Orient, and; Asian High Speed Passenger Rail.  They are completely done in-house. When they have matured they will be spun off into separate sites and eventually entities. Just as we can help you grow, we can also grow ourselves too.

The Nelles Corporation Limited is a young business located in the Orient. Check in on us as we grow our business – and see where we can help your business.

If you have a problem we can help you with, one that’s taking time you need to be using in other ways, please get in touch. We would greatly appreciate an oportunity to work with you to help your business grow.

In success,

Drew Nelles
Managing Director